Who is Robert de Montesquiou?

And why is he selling a book for a little over £2m on Amazon.co.uk?

After investigating some of the most expensive electronics on Amazon, I thought I’d take a look at some of the other areas of Amazon. Traditionally, you’d expect jewelry to be expensive, but I was surprised to see the most expensive piece only came in at £139,000 – hardly worth a mention compared to the most expensive BOOK on Amazon.

£139,000 is a mere 7% of the value of one of Robert de Montesquiou’s most expensive books. And this is just one of 6 books he is selling for over £1m. One of 300 books he is selling for over £10,000!

Clearly the guy has mis-priced these books deliberately, but why does Amazon allow him to even advertise like this?

Perhaps he just dislikes the British because he has the same book advertised on other international Amazon sites for:

Amazon.co.uk £2,005,944
Amazon.com $203
Amazon.co.de €200
Amazon.co.it €203
Amazon.co.es €203

And in his native France:

Amazon.co.fr €40

Ok, I know the guy is based in France, but I’m sure postage doesn’t cost that much to get a book across the English Channel.

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