Make a Personalised Christmas Card Review
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If you want to make a personalised Christmas card this year which will keep your friends and relatives entertained, then is where you can do this. They have a range of eCards where you can upload photos of you and your family or friends and have yourself dancing like an elf.

I was recently on holiday in Germany, and my cousins were playing with the iPhone as usual. Then they showed me the Elf Yourself app – you know, the one where you can put your photo onto the dancing elf? I know it’s not Christmas yet, but these kids were still entertained by the dancing elf – especially as they had personalised it with their best funny faces.

As Christmas is coming up fast – and I know this is a little early but you have to plan ahead sometimes – I thought I would do some research into making a personalised Christmas card, or even better, making a funny Christmas Card with dancing elves. has plenty of funny Christmas cards, but they also have a number of other cool animated cards for birthdays or any other occasion.

If you haven’t had enough of Gangnam Style, then you can do the dance on one of their cards. Personally, I like their Birthday from the Fridge card.

What more could I wish for at Christmas.

Check it out for yourself and make a personalised Christmas card this year –

This page is also available in Portuguese and German.

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