How to change the colors in a photo in 3 minutes

Here is another tutorial which focuses on changing colors in a photo. In this example I’ve changed the color of a dress, but you could change the color of almost any part of the photo.
If you like videos, then check out the 3 minute tutorial here:

Or if you just want the highlights, then carry on reading.

Apply a black Layer to your photo to remove the color from the photo. Don’t forget to change the layer mode to ‘Color’ otherwise you just get a black photo!
This will allow you to apply a Layer Mask (with Full Transparency) so you can manipulate the area of the photo you want.

I used the Scissors Select Tool to select the dress so it stays B&W, whilst keeping the original colors of the remainder of the photo.
Once the B&W layer is complete, simply duplicate it and change the layer color to the color you want. This layer needs to be in ‘Overlay’ mode, otherwise the new color doesn’t get applied so well.

Do check out my other photo tutorials as I am hoping to build up a collection of them.
If you need any help with this effect, do get in touch. I would love to hear from anyone who has given this a try after following my tutorial.

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