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Who is Robert de Montesquiou?

And why is he selling a book for a little over £2m on

After investigating some of the most expensive electronics on Amazon, I thought I’d take a look at some of the other areas of Amazon. Traditionally, you’d expect jewelry to be expensive, but I was surprised to see the most expensive piece only came in at £139,000 – hardly worth a mention compared to the most expensive BOOK on Amazon.

£139,000 is a mere 7% of the value of one of Robert de Montesquiou’s most expensive books. And this is just one of 6 books he is selling for over £1m. One of 300 books he is selling for over £10,000!

Clearly the guy has mis-priced these books deliberately, but why does Amazon allow him to even advertise like this?

Perhaps he just dislikes the British because he has the same book advertised on other international Amazon sites for: £2,005,944 $203 €200 €203 €203

And in his native France: €40

Ok, I know the guy is based in France, but I’m sure postage doesn’t cost that much to get a book across the English Channel.

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What are the Most Expensive Items on Amazon?

I have been looking at buying a new TV for some time now, and decided to take a look at some items on Amazon. Then something caught my eye – a brand new LG 84″ Ultra HD TV.

No matter that there are currently no broadcasts or blu-rays that can show off the full glory of an Ultra HD TV. No matter that, at 84″, the TV would pretty much cover my entire window – my view onto the natural world that exists outside my house.

It was big and expensive – a perfect boys toy – and with Christmas coming, perhaps I could treat myself. I’d just have to let the children know that Father Christmas finally got my letter, and could only make this one enormous TV for me during the year. All other children would have to wait until next year.

This TV got me thinking – I wonder what are the most expensive items on Amazon? I started in the Electronics department, and began digging around their departments. The results were a little surprising, so I’ll share them with you, in ascending order, below:

    1. Set-top Box
      Price £769
      A bargain considering what else I found at Amazon. I guess this is perfect to fit on your coach sized camper.
    2. DAB and Radio
      Item Tivoli Audio Model Music System Radio / CD-Player Kombination schwarz/silber
      Price £1,599.80
      Ok, so this radio also plays CDs and comes with in built speakers. Personally, I’d rather buy a separates system and spend my £1,600 on better kit.
    3. Headphones
      Item Razer Kraken RZ12-00870100-R3M1
      Price £4,699.71
      This one looks like a definite mis-price. £47 would be more like the price, maybe £50 including postage.
      However these headphones look like the the bees-knees:
      Item STAX SR-007A MK2 Electrostatic Earspeakers
      Price £2,200
    4. Media Streaming
      Item Samsung UE65F9000 Smart 3D Ultra HD (4k) 65″ LED TV
      Price £4,200
      Another TV sneaks in, but I guess the Smart Samsung just qualifies as a media streaming device. Would you buy this for the 65″ of TV, or because you can play a movie off the internet?
    5. DVD / Blu-Ray
      Item Microboards Blu-Ray Tower, 20 Bay Network
      Price £5,533.50
      A surprising item to see on Amazon, as it is basically an industrial strength DVD/Blu Ray copying device. I’m not sure who would be buying this, except someone who would want to break the copyright laws.
    6. Home Cinema
      Item Sharp PNE802 SHALCDPNE802
      Price £14,800
      At 80″, this projector doesn’t quite get the same coverage as the LG TV, but at £5,000 less, would probably be termed a bargain.
    7. TVs
      Item LG 84LM960V 3D Ultra HD 84″ LED TV
      Price £19,699
      Well, I already knew what the most expensive TV at Amazon was – the colossal LG 84LM960V. At 84″, 7 feet or a little over 2 metres, this could replace my lounge window.

So, there we have it. The most expensive electronic items being sold on Amazon.

Now to reveal THE MOST EXPENSIVE electronic item. It certainly surprised me, and perhaps someone more knowledgeable could let me know if it looks like a mis-price. Certainly something that costs more than £10,000 PER METRE looks like a mis-price to me:

Item AudioQuest WEL Signature 10m Terminated Pair (Terminated 2-2) Speaker Cable
Price £108,140

Would love to hear from you guys, so please leave a message below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Danny Boy Broderick