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Review of the Interpet Fish Pod 48 litre

Interpet Fish Pod 48 litre Review

Price I paid: £120 from my local aquarium
Price at Amazon: £89.95 (saving 25%)

I already own fairly large fish tank – the Juwel Vision 180, although the black wood version looks much cooler. Bought a number of years ago, and still going strong. The only trouble is it is quite hard to keep clean, and can take a couple of hours every 3 weeks to do properly.

My daughter was getting interested in looking after some fish too, so I looked into getting her a starter tank so she could take some responsibility for them. I figured if I just put the fish in my tank, then they would soon be forgotten. But if they were in her tank, then she might spend some time feeding, cleaning and helping to change the water.

When I was young, I always won a goldfish from the local fair, would have it for a week, and then find it was dead. It was a traumatic experience as a young child to be flushing your dead fish down the loo, but that’s life I guess.

Anyway, I saw this fish tank and thought it would be perfect for putting a 3-4 goldfish into and get my daughter started. It is a complete aquarium, and my local supplier threw in a few decorations with it.

The curved design gives a sort of magnifying effect on the fish, so the tank as a whole looks larger than it actually is. One of the best features is the blue night light which is really relaxing at night.

A word of warning though, as I have seen it in other reviews, is you should be careful opening any online deliveries in case it contains any broken glass.


Good value starter tank.
Comes with everything you need.
Fantastic curved design.
Lovely blue night light


I know I said it last time – cheaper at Amazon, but then I like supporting my local businesses!

Also with items containing glass, I like to check the item before taking it rather than having to return an item with broken glass in it.


The Interpet Fish Pod 48 litre aquarium is a great starter tank for adults or children alike.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below. I’ll be happy to help.

Review of the Tetra APS50 Air Pump

Tetra APS50 Air Pump Review
Price I paid: £18 from my local aquarium
Price at Amazon: £10.45 (saving 42%)

Last week the air pump on my fish tank finally packed in. It had done pretty well, lasting nearly 8 years. That sounds pretty good to me, but then it was the first one I had, so I’m not that experienced with air pumps.

The first place I usually look for replacement fish tank parts is my local aquarium. It’s part of the local garden centre, so it’s nice to take a look around at their plants whilst buying what I need.

I told the guy that my priority was keeping the noise down as the fish tank was pretty close to where we sat, and we didn’t want a lot of disturbance when we were watching a film. For those who have fish tanks, the poor performing equipment can make a real racket, so best to try and balance the noise vs cost with all the pumping and filtration bits and bobs.

The replacement I was offered was the Tetra APS50 Air Pump. I was offered a longer airline and non-return valve, but didn’t take him up on the offer. I figured I could always get these later if I needed them, and I had all the old airlines already installed in the tank.

Air pumps are pretty easy to install, especially as I had all the airlines left from the last air pump. All I had to do was plug it in, switch on and off we go.

Fantastic little pump. Hardly hear anything from the pump itself, so no disturbances when I’m watching Woman in Black and hiding behind the sofa!

The only thing I do regret is not taking the non-return valve. This is more of a safety feature, and I’m surprised it wasn’t included in the original package.


Quiet and good value


Cheaper at Amazon – but then I like supporting my local businesses!


The Tetra APS50 Air Pump is well worth the price, but an absolute steal at the price Amazon is selling. I know where to buy the next replacement.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below. I’ll be happy to help.