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How to Create a Graffiti Logo

I was recently asked to put together a tutorial video for showing how to create a graffiti logo using Photoshop. The video goes through the step-by-step process of how Don Charisma put together his logo.

Check out my ‘How to Create a Graffiti Logo’ video below and add any comments you have. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can…

How to Spin an Article

The Best Spinner

I have been looking at article spinning for some time now, and have tried a few free article spinners on the internet. Whilst the free spinners do job, they usually come out with unreadable English phrases that just doesn’t look right. They make your article look like it was written by an 8 year old child (although my own children could do a better job!).

Clearly the English language has some tricky grammar and I guess a fully automated article spinner is just unable to grasp the enormous variety of words that could be used in sentences.

With article spinning, you really have to spend some time putting your own variations into the article, so that the software has a reasonable idea of what it can generate. This doesn’t mean you need to spend days rewriting your articles, but with a bit of planning, you should be able to create a good few dozen articles.

Here are a few tips to article spinning to give plenty of unique content – which is what article spinning is all about:

Spin entire paragraphs

Don’t make your paragraphs too long. This will allow you to perform the first step in article spinning. Spinning entire paragraphs will give your article a completely different look and feel, without necessarily changing the structure too much.

Spin individual sentences

The next step is spinning individual sentences. Even replacing or leaving out whole sentences will give a great variety to your article spinning.

Select synonyms for individual words

This is a tedious step, but means you can get an enormous amount of content by simply picking a few words that mean the same thing.

Spin images or any other media

When it comes to SEO, moving the media content, or even displaying different pictures, will create a completely different article. This will require some knowledge of HTML, so is probably for the more advanced blogger.

At the end of the day, article spinning is all about creating unique content with a little effort.

I put a link to one of the best spinning software out there – called The Best Spinner – but this is a paid for option. Well worth the money in my opinion. In the next post I will give an example spin on this article to show what is possible with this piece of software.

What have you guys used out there?

Any questions, feel free to ask them below.